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Q If my computer has an "always-on" connection to the Internet, am I vulnerable to hackers or viruses?
A Anytime your computer is connected to the Internet it is vulnerable to hackers. It does not matter if your connection is always-on or dial-up. The main difference in vulnerability is the length of the exposure. Always-on connections provide a conduit to the Internet that is a two-way street, allowing hackers to exploit the connection and access your system. The longer your computer has uninterrupted access to the Internet, the longer it is vulnerable to a potential hacker.
B2X Online, Inc. - Locally Owned and Operated

To provide High-speed dedicated low cost broadband networking solution

To be the main access point of high-speed networking and internet solutions in the Roanoke area and to target the last mile of access.

Locally owned and operated.
B2X opened it's doors in June of 2002 in Salem, VA. at 30 Mill Lane. B2X Online's founders wanted to provide high speed internet connection services to the local area. To start this venture the founders reviewed several different wireless products in a pursuit to find the best quality product that would deliver the fastest speed at an affordable cost. After finding the product, Motorola's Canopy, they went to Chicago for training and background. After attending training, they started testing the product in the local area. The product was tested for many months and found to be everything Motorola claimed.

B2X Online, Inc. was founded by Warren and Danny Kane. Each founder brings forth a wealth of wisdom from their respectful fields.

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Warren Kane - CEO BIO
Danny Kane - VP BIO

30 Mill Lane / Salem, VA 24153 / PHN 540.389.7924 Review our current AUP